Roof Extenda ‘Shade Sail Anchor’

Shade Sail Anchor                       

A unique steel bracket offering         

STRUCTURALLY superior    

shade fixing to roof-lines

The Shade Sail Anchor assists in reducing potential problems by allowing the shade sail to be supported by rafters, wall top plate and wall studs which have the structural integrity necessary for additional loads.

Two zinc electroplated steel angles, one solid steel rod with a hoop welded to the top
Bolts clamp both fixing plates to the rafter and top wall plate of building
Engineer computations available
Weather Seal included (for flashing)

A downloadable PDF format of the Brochure is available here:
Shade Sail Anchor Brochure (520kb)
Patent Number

Disclaimer on Shade Sail Anchor

This product is made available on the understanding that Roof Extenda is not responsible in rendering professional advice. The user should carefully evaluate; Shade Sail Size, Location, Wind Category / Class, Installation Design.

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